FŠ­ingarßr: 1980

Sei­akvÝsl 26 / 55 Ferme Park rd., N8 9RY
110 / N8 9RY ReykjavÝk / London
SÝmi: 00447515720101
GSM: 00447515720101

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28 years old, live inLondon and ReykjavÝk



The main focus in my work,I would say is rawness, loneliness and remote beauty. Sometimes I mixmedia, sew into photographs and in exhibitions I love to use soundand installations. I tend to seek the supernatural in the surroundingI am in. Contradictions charmes me, like dramatic landscape andfragile teenagers, remote places and different emotions .

In between Ý work onsmaller projects which most often have a psychic undertone.

For the last few years Ihave travelled 3 times alone to Greenland to capture the isolationand loneliness that exist in this magnificent surroundings, but alsoI have taken the opposite pole and stayed with gypsies in caves inthe mountains of Spain. Most often I come back quite exhausted buthappy after the weird and surreal experience. The results from thetrips let me soon forget every hard time and normally very short timepass until I start to planning my next adventure.

For the past years I haveworked with various music groups around Europe, being in charge of Art design for live gigs, that is all visuals, videos, posters,flyers, stylising etc..

And recently with Theatrein London as well.

Efnisor­, vinnusvi­ og verkefni:

Íll notkun mynda af myndverkum ■ar me­ talin afritun, birting, fj÷lf÷ldun og hvers kyns dreifing, er hß­ leyfi. Myndir ■essar eru birtar til kynningar og er annars konar notkun ■eirra bundin reglum h÷fundarrÚttar samanber H÷fundal÷g nr. 73/1972 me­ ßor­num breytingum.